Fact: Edward R. Murrow isn’t dead.

So, I fucked off work last Sunday and did what I normally do: sat around watching TV. I turned on the end of Fareed Zakaria GPS on CNN, and caught Mr. Zakaria speaking about the current financial troubles in the United States. In a speech that would have been at home on See It Now, Zakaria reminded his viewers about the Suez Canal Crisis, and how then-President Dwight D. Eisenhower influenced Anthony Eden, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, to end the Crisis. To summate, Eisenhower threatened to dump the US reserve of British Pounds on the international currency market, which would have precipitated a financial crisis and likely destroyed the value of the Pound Sterling. Zakaria rapidly summated his point, and then reminded the viewer that China now controls enough US Dollars to do the same if they felt necessary.

It was a performance not given to honour the great Edward R. Murrow, but a performance given to educate the American people, and indeed, the world, to the dangers of the current path of the United States. And that is what makes Fareed Zakaria stand beside Murrow in my humble opinion.

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