Wars of choice.

So Andrew Sullivan just tweeted this:

Sully is a really great commentator on most things, but I’m just not sure about losing wars of choice. Don’t get me wrong, the Republican party engaged in two wars during the GWB tenure – and it sure as hell lost Iraq. But Afghanistan is something else.

We’re still not sure who will be in control of Afghanistan in a year, if the Hamid Karzai regime will last, and if the Taliban coming back is just a matter of time. But most importantly, I’m not entirely sure who lost that thing. I’m not sure it was the Republicans – I’m not sure it wasn’t Obama’s policy. I’m also not sure it was a war of choice, as I don’t know how else NATO and the United States should have reacted to 9/11.

Let’s make fun of the GOP for what they’ve done and their horrid decisions in Iraq. Afghanistan, by now, is everyone’s unwanted baby.

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