Alternative History

Broken Blockade – when Confederate agents cause another uprising in India in 1862, the British Empire suddenly finds its factories starved for cotton as the uprising consumes the plantations added to the Indian territories. Forced to choose a side, the British decide to support the Confederacy against their two-time enemy in the Union. The power of the Royal Navy breaks the Union blockade, and shortly after, Abraham Lincoln must deal with a two-front war to re-unite the nation – and he must also seek allies elsewhere in order to make his goal of a more perfect Union come true.

The Red Baron’s Command – when Nazi Germany prepares for the Battle of Britain, only one man in the German command objects – Great War hero Manfred von Richthofen, who scored ninety-seven victories in the First World War and is now a Field Marshal. Hitler gives this gifted officer command of the Luftwaffe in France, and despite not being a Nazi, Richthofen sets out to win the victory that eluded him twenty years before – by eliminating the Royal Air Force, the Royal Navy, and clearing way for Operation Sea Lion to change the course of history.

Colonials – when the world goes up in fire following the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, the British Empire fully intends to deploy their colonial forces – including those from the Thirteen Colonies, kept in the Empire 140 years previously. Defending the French Empire in trenches through Belgium, the Colonials face the harshest fighting conditions yet – and a generation of young leaders are forged that may allow the Thirteen Colonies to finally grasp at the dreams of Washington, Adams, Franklin, and Jefferson.


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