Legends Returned – Great heroes and villains of lore walk the earth, legacy of a spell cast by Merlin 1500 years ago when he enchanted the Stone of Destiny – and when the spell broke, those heroes and villains suddenly gained the one thing Merlin’s spell denied them: free will. As the world winds through the 1930s, both sides of the upcoming war reached out to the heroes they could find, enlisting their mythic abilities to help. With the Second World War on the very verge of breaking out, Elizabeth Murray, a Scottish witch, suddenly finds herself drawn into this world when it is revealed she is the last remaining Maiden of Avalon. Heroes and villains collide with magic and supernatural powers, and when Nazi legends steal the Stone of Destiny to further their own ends, Elizabeth finds herself having to fulfil a destiny written for her in the Dark Ages – to awaken Arthur Pendragon and bring him to the modern world.


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